Citizen Comments


Officers of the Blytheville Police Department will have thousands of interactions with citiens during their careers. Some don't go well while others may be exceptionally good. Either way we would like to know. You can file a citizens response online here or download a copy below.

Arkansas Law 25-19-105. Examination and copying of public records.

Prohibits an Employee's file, who has been complained about, from being disclosed unless the employee was suspended or terminated as a result of the complaint.

Arkansas Law 5-54-122. Filing false report with law enforcement agency.

Prohibits a person from making a report, or other means of communication, with any law enforcement agency of any alleged criminal wrongdoing on the part of another person knowing that the report is false.

To promote openness in Government, the Blytheville Police Department provides public access to documented Citizen Response Complaints.

Allegations contained in a Citizens Response Complaint may or may not be truthful and may or may not have resulted in adverse employment action.

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