Ride-Along Program


The purpose of the Blytheville Police Department ride-along program is to enhance the mutual respect of police officers and the community. The program can provide its participants a greater understanding of law enforcement in our community.  


 All participants must be at least 19 years of age. Applicants that have a felony record or a misdemeanor record that involves moral turpitude or dishonesty may be excluded from participation in this program. Applicants known by this or another law enforcement agencies and/or who has a known criminal reputation in the community may be excluded from participation in this program. 


Applications and regulations for a ride-along are available here online or at the police department. Completed applications should be submitted to the department. While a sponsoring officer is not necessary, if an applicant has talked to an officer about sponsoring them for a ride-along the applicant may provide the officers name on the application. Department Policy 8.10 Ride-Along.