Animal Services 


City of Blytheville Animal Services are available during normal business hours.  Animal Service Officers are sworn employees with law enforcement authority. Animal Services are dispatched by Operators of the Blytheville Police Department. Blytheville Animal Services has two distinct operations:

  • Shelter, maintaining the city's animal shelter where lost, stray or abandoned animals are housed. 
  • Patroling the city streets for strays, abandoned nusiance or vicious animals as well as responding to citizen calls for services involving animals.

 Dog Bites

Dog Bites are required to be reported to Animal Services. If you are bitten by a dog you should seek medical attention. Medical Staff are required to report dog bites to Animal Services. 

Court Cases 

If your pet was found running at large or neglected and a citation is issued, your pet may remain in the care of Animal Services until your case has been resolved through court.  

Reclaimed Pets / Adoptions

All reclaimed pets or pet adoptions are handled by the Blytheville Humane Society. You may contact them to reclaim your pet or adopt a pet at the links provided. All animals that are held for any length of time in any shelter in the State of Arkansas must be spayed or neutered prior to adoption or returned to their owner. 

City Ordinance 1651 Animal Control 

State Law 20-19-103

Lost Pet Form

Report a Stray

Report Animal Abuse/ Illegal Dog Fighting