Citizen Response

The Blytheville Police Department strives to meet public expectation of efficient, fair and impartial service from our law enforcement officers. On occasion we will exceed your expectations and at other times the interaction between citizens and law enforcement may not be as expected. For such occurrences, we have a process in place for citizens to communicate your experiences with the department. If you have had such experience you may contact the department at anytime at 870-763-4411 and speak to the on-duty supervisor.

While most issues can be handled at this level on occasion a citizen may wish to document their compliment or complaint. Although any form of communication is accepted, we provide a citizen response form for your convenience. You may fill it out online here or you can download a copy here and return the form in person, mail or fax or e-mail it to the:

Blytheville Police Department
201 W. Walnut
Blytheville AR 72315
Fax 870-762-2677
Attn: Chief of Police

Complaints of a less serious nature may be handled by the employee’s immediate supervisor; complaints of a serious nature may generate an Internal Affairs Investigation. Each complaint is investigated and all efforts to complete them in a timely manner will be made. At the conclusion of an investigation, one of the following dispositions may be given:

Unfounded - The act complained of did not occur
Exonerated - The act occurred, but was justified, lawful and proper
Not Sustained - Insufficient evidence available to prove or disprove the allegation
Sustained - The act did occur and constitutes misconduct

The Blytheville Police Department is committed to providing the community with professional police services and will continue to make every effort to ensure public trust and confidence is kept.

Click here to review Citizen Responses filed with this department.