Councilman Matt Perrin


Ward II: Precincts 2A, 2B and 2C
Position 2


Councilman Perrin heads the Public Works Committee as the Chairman. He sits on the Code Enforcement and Animal Control Committee and the Finance and Purchasing Committee. 

Contact Matt Perrin

1120 Country Club Rd
Blytheville, AR 72315

Call: 870-278-4034
Email:  Matt Perrin
Facebook: Matt Perrin For Blytheville

Dilapidation Clean-Up

Dilapidated/Condemned properties are a nuisance.  They decrease property value, are a haven for crime, and cause general eyesores for surrounding neighbors.
Prior to 2019, the City of Blytheville was knocking down roughly one condemned property per year (usually only during election season).  By mapping out our condemned properties, we were able to show the mayor's office just what an uphill battle we had.
With a tremendous effort from both our Code Enforcement and Public Works departments, we have been able to knock down 100+ properties.