Flood Hazard Areas

There are two areas in the City of Blytheville that are prone to flooding due to the Pemiscot Bayou. Flash flooding is the general type of flooding in the city from the Pemiscot Bayou. During a normal flood event, should we receive 4 to 5 inches of rain in just a few hours time, it is not uncommon to see flooding from Putting Green Lane to parts of Golf Links Drive due to ditch Number 30, and along ditch Number 33 spanning areas from Laclede to South Division Streets.

What We Are Doing

Blytheville’s Flood Map and numerous publications are available at the Blytheville Public Library and the Building Department at City Hall. These reference materials cover a variety of topics, including how to flood-proof your home; how to repair a flooded home; and ways to prevent flooding.

What You Can Do

You can implement one or more flood protection measures, purchase flood insurance, and help the City in its flood protection activities.


Do not dump or throw anything into the drainage ditches. A plugged ditch cannot carry water and when it rains, the water has to go somewhere. Every piece of trash can contribute to flooding. Even grass clippings and branches can accumulate and plug channels. If your property is next to a ditch, please do your part and keep the bans clear of brush and debris.

Construction Requirements

Always check with the Building Department before you build on, alter, regrade, or fill on your property. A permit is needed to ensure that projects do not cause problems on other properties.

Information as to whether your property is in the floodplain areas can be obtained by coming into the Code Enforcement Office and have the building inspector help you. Maps are available to look at as well as other flood related information including information about the flood hazard, flood insurance rating data and areas with natural floodplain functions that should be protected and also historical flood information. Call 870-763-4733 for further assistance.