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Animal Control

  1. Animal Abuse / Illegal Dog Fighting

    If you have witnessed any kind of animal abuse / neglect or dog fighting of any kind fill out this form to report it. All information... More…

  2. Report a Stray

    If you have sighted a stray animal on the road or left abandoned this form is for you to report it to the animal control officer.

  1. Lost Pet

    If you are missing your pet this form will notify the Animal Control Officer and they will be on the lookout for them.

Boards & Commissions

  1. Commissioner Interest Form

    We encourage any citizen who would like to volunteer for a position on one or more of our commissions to please fill out this form for... More…

Human Resources

  1. Job Application
  1. Personnel Handbook Acknowledgement Form

    This form is your acknowledgement of viewing and or downloading a copy of the City of Blytheville Personnel Handbook.

Police Department

  1. Citizen Response Form

    A form designed to allow Citiens to respond to the service they received from the Blytheville Police Department

  2. File a Police Report

    File a police report online

  3. Police Dispatcher Job Application

    Application for employment as a Police Dispatcher for Blytheville Police Department

  1. File a Domestic Violence Police Report

    File a Domestic Violence related police report online

  2. Police Clerical Job Application

    Application for employment as a Clerical Assistant for Blytheville Police Department

  3. Police Officer Job Application

    Application for employment as a Police Officer for the Blytheville Police Department