City Owned Vacant Lots

  1. Donated to the City
  2. How to Donate your Property

Please click here to view the current list of properties owned by the City that will be opened for bids. If you see a property that you may be interested in, please contact the Condemnation/Demolition Coordinator, Janice Erby-Smith at 870-278-0449, with the address. Once there is interest shown for a property, it will then be officially opened for sealed bids. All instructions on how to submit a sealed bid will be listed in the 'Invitation for Bids' ad in the paper at the times bids are opened (Please check the 'Current Property Opened for Sealed Bids page).

 Mississippi County has a website that is open to the public for you to search the properties and see where they are located on the parcel map! check here to check it out.