2019-00883 Arrestee Rumph

Date Posted 11-28-2020

In March on 2019 a Felony Battery Domestic Violence Report # 2019-00883 was filed with the Blytheville Police Department against arrestee Abbie Rumph Jr of Blytheville AR. A warrant for his arrest was issued as a result of this report. 

On 11-19-2020 Arrestee Rumph was taken into custody at his parents home after officers spotted him entering their home. Officers searched the residence subject to hot pursuit where Rumph had hidden in the attic.  Mr. Rumph has admittedly fled from officers prior to this occasion to avoid arrest. 

On November 22nd 2020 the Arrestee Rumph appeared on News Media about his arrest. https://wreg.com/news/officers-accused-of-leaving-injured-suspect-outside-jail-in-hospital-gown/ . Mr. Rumph claims that a "captain" said, ‘I should have thrown you in the ditch’”. That claim is not supported by the approximately 9 hours of body worn camera video. The weather was clear 70 degrees.  

The videos contain a reference to a "FIT" document which declares that an arrestee has been medically cleared by a physician to be able to be held at a jail facility. Here is a list "FIT" requirements that the MCSO has provided. Turn-Key Health (https://turnkeyhealthclinics.com/ ) is contracted by the Mississippi County Sheriffs department to provide medical needs to the jail. 

All information posted here is what is in the possession of the Blytheville Police Department pertaining to the above report number as of the Posting Date. All times indicated are approximated there are 17 Body Worn Camera videos.  Additional Radio / Phone recordings are available. 

Body Worn Video 1 of 17 Date 11-19-20. From inside the residence, at 33.42 minutes the arrestee falls through the ceiling after hiding in attic then jumping out of window to avoid arrest. 

Body Worn Video 2 of 17 Date 11-19-20. From outside the residence, at 37:07 minutes shows the arrestee dive out the window then flee from officers on foot.  

Body Worn Video 7 of 17 Date 11-19-20. From inside the Hospital Emergency room where arrestee received medical treatment including x-rays for any and all injuries he may have. HIPA rules do not apply to Police Case File information. Documents show that the arrestee was at the hospital being seen by Great River Emergency Room Physicians from approximately 11:00 am until 2:00 pm

Body Worn Video 16 of 17 Date 11-19-20. Leaving the Hospital Emergency room, approximate 15 minute transport to the Mississippi County Sheriffs Office. At 24:54, transporting officer presents the "FIT" documentation to a jailer who immediately calls for Nurse Audrey Cook-Luff. Nurse Cook-Luff is the daughter of Mississippi County Sheriff Dale Cook. At 27:10 The transporting officer presents the "FIT documentation to a second jailer. At 32:27 Nurse Cook-Luff appears and is made aware that the arrestee has been cleared "FIT" by a physician. There is no indication the arrestee has not been properly medically treated or does not meet their medical requirements to enter the jail, at 37:35, Nurse Cook-Luff  says that she is going to call the Hospital to see if they checked (indicating her head). At 43:07 Nurse Cook-Luff claims to have tried to call the hospital but got no answer but talked to the Doctor who said bring him back to the hospital however at 53:30 Nurse Cook-Luff says she tried to call and verify. During this time a jail Lieutenant says they aren't refusing him they just aren't accepting him. In lieu of continued custody arrestee was released at the Mississippi County Jail. The attempt to release the arrestee was met with resistance when he refused to make effort to exit the transporting police vehicle.

Body Worn Video 17 of 17 Date 11-19-20. Because of the arrestees resistance to exit the vehicle, two additional Blytheville Police Officers, one of which was equipped with a Body Worn Camera, arrived at the Mississippi County Jail to assist. At approximately 1:32:00 of video 16 and 1:40 of video 17 the three Blytheville Officers removed the arrestee from the police vehicle and carried him to a nearby bench seat. At 1:34:52 of video 16 and at 1:42 of Video 17, Major Andrew Harris of the Mississippi County Sheriff's department accepts the arrestees documents.

Additional Body Worn Videos (Up Loads in Progress): 3 of 17, 4 of 17, 5 of 17, 6 of 17, 8 of 17, 9 of 17, 10 of 17, 11 of 17, 12 of 17, 13 of 17, 14 of 17, 15 of 17. Arkansas Statute outlining the only grounds for refusal of an arrestee.