Mayor Sanders

Duties of the Mayor

It is the mayor’s responsibility to keep the city government running properly. This includes enforcing city ordinances and making sure that the residents receive maximum benefits and services for the taxes that they pay.

Dedication to Public Service

James W. Sanders has lived a life of public service. He was employed by the City of Blytheville Police Department from 1977 until he retired in 2000. 

He rose through the ranks from Cadet to Captain and was in charge of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) when he retired. He continued his work in Law Enforcement after his retirement, when he went to work for the Arkansas State Police. 

City Council Involvement

While working for the State Police, James ran for, and was elected to, the Blytheville City Council representing Ward I. In 2009, Mississippi County Sheriff Leroy Meadows succumbed to a long illness. Sheriff Meadows hand-picked James Sanders to be his successor. 

Personal Reflection

After careful thought and prayer, James decided that he had a need to better serve his community by running for mayor of Blytheville. James Sanders won the election in November of 2010 and began serving as Mayor on January 1, 2011. His first term in office was successful and he is currently serving his second term. He is proud to serve the citizens of Blytheville.